Today I found about the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

I have been struggling to learn to code for at least 4 years, going back and fourth, with many languages from R to JS. Since I found out about FreeCodeCamp last October, my learning curve is improving. I have completed the Front End Development certificate on March, but then I hit the wall again. I have some difficult understanding Back End topics, so everything involving node.js is hard for me now. So, I’ll use this challenge to force myself to practice again. It is possible that I lose some days, but my intention is to go through the 100 days without any failure. I still don’t know what languages will I practice, as I’m inclined to learn Ruby but I have some background in Javascript, but I hope to end this challenge better than I’m entering, which is not very hard at this stage.

You can follow my GitHub profile to see my progress.